Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cool Front

We're still in a little cool front. It's supposed to be over soon. Bummer.

Speaking of "bummer," isn't it weird how some of your high school/teenage sayings stick with you? Here are some of mine that I still find coming out of my mouth from time to time:

Cool - no explanation need, is there?

Way Cool - better than "Cool"

Book - "Let's book!" or "Man, he was bookin'!" (go)(goin' fast!)

Bummer - see above

The Pits - "Oh, that's the pits..." (bummer)

Gross - can also be "grody" but I don't use that one any longer

Fine - "He is soooooooooo fine" (he knows who he is)

Super Fine - way better than just "Fine"

Super - can be placed in front of any good expression - Super Cool, Super Cute, Super Fine, etc...

I know there are more, but my mind is blank.

Cool beans!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

CHILL was just coming along when we started getting a bit older, I think---and sometimes young people look at me with NO RECOGNITION when I say bummer--they don't know what it means!
Listen, we gotta be thing FRIDAY, OK?
Maybe ice cream flavors? Maybe favorite dogs or pet types?

Debbie Y. said...

My daughter laughs at a lot of my sayings that I got from my mom. Like I called my grandson a fatty boom-da-ratty the other day and she about fell off the couch.

Your way sooooooo super fine with all your little cool sayings. Keep on trucking, booking, whatever!

g-man said...

I still say "groovy" (a little before my time but I hung out with older kids), and "knarly", and "take a chill pill".

LaurieJ said...

'Dude' even for my girlfriends
and bummer is still a personal favorite :-)

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